Search and Indexing Consulting

KMW Technology specializes in many areas of high technology and software.

We are dedicated to producing high quality innovative search based solutions for the enterprise. Our experienced staff has produced world class solutions for many of todays Fortune 100 companies We have a decade worth of high technology experience in enterprise search, social networking, and telecomunications. Every problem is different, so every solution will be too.

  • Any given solution is only as good as the data that drives is

    Great applications are great not only because of the technology but also the data that drives it. Todays world of diverse datasources and data repositories takes expertise like ours to export that data, transform it, and to load it into systems

  • Creating applications that scale is paramount to success

    Choosing the right technology and architecture for an application can make or break an application when it is deployed. As with any platform there are always growing pains and KMW Technology has the right solution to allow applications to scale both horizontally and vertically.